Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hey, it must be time for another update/shutdown

I'm not a whiner.


But this is something along the lines of the 5th straight time I've had to download an update to SL and then had SL down.

What gives?

In the mean time.

I programmed an extremely crappy front-end substitute for outlook today. 
It has a purpose eventually, but so far it's basically uglified Outlook.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Hardware Software Wetware

I discovered the reason I'm drawn to computers so much.

They're just so much less complicated than human relationships... they always do exactly what you tell them to. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes this leads to frustration if you can't figure out how to tell them what you want them to do, but at least it's your fault.

Wetware, on the other hand, is hard to figure out.

So what happens when the two collide? You get a dose of Second Life.

In the last two weeks SL has gone from a pastime to mess around with prim and scripts and have some fun with chatting to acquaintances into a place where full-fledged relationships of every sort are coming into play. I have people I consider my friends (in more than the "on my friends list" sense) ; I also have people I consider not so much my friends. I've been figuring out how to deal with attractions, both on my part and on the part of other people. I've been invited to weddings; even invited to be IN weddings. I've seen grief and joy, and a lot of screwing around having fun.

It's confusing, to say the least. And I'm always afraid to hurt someone- I have this thing where (A) I care about how people feel; it's constantly bumping up against (B) what I know to be right, and both of these are always colliding with (C) my desire to do what *I* want. Most of the time these things are in alignment with each other. I want to do do what I think is right which is also the thing that doesn't hurt anyone. But when one of them is off - yikes. The easiest decision for me is usually to do something I don't want to because I think it's the right thing to do, and it is what other people want. If I know it's right and everyone agrees it's right, then well, my desire is probably the "off" thing here. On the other hand, when one of the other ones is the "off" thing, I get more torn. What's better? Do I do B (what's right) and C (what I want) at the expense of A (hurting someone else)? That's hard- especially when the person you hurt is someone you care about. And if I want it and someone else wants it for me, but I know it's wrong...... well....

That got off on a little tangent - hehe hope you could keep up. It all comes down to this, though - You (my SL friends- and you know who you are, all of you) have become people I care about. That's a little scary considering the venue, but at the same time I'm really glad it's happened. Thanks for puttin up with me, too. I hope that the list of people this applies to continues to grow longer, and I hope that what's there already continues to grow stronger.

*shakes head* Wow. I intended this to be flippant and off-the-cuff and I got all serious and stuff. :) At least I managed to keep the gory details out. Next post will be lighter I promise.

Q out.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Quess who's back?

guess who's back.... back again....

I am an unfaithful poster, looks like

Anyway, SL grows deeper and wider. 

I'm having a lot of fun lately - met a lotta newpeople. I've been feeling compulsivley impulsive the last few days and trying a lot of new things out. I slapped on the ol explorer tag and headed out.

Kicked the week off with my personal favorite TO w/Carl. Then I did some shopping (who me shopping?) with a friend..... I've never been like... just shopping before. It's kinda fun, I guess. Especially if you knew what I bought....... Weirdest thing happened to me there. I got an IM out of the blue from a stranger asking me to "come here for a minute, please". I was game, so I TP'd in. It was two lovely young ladies dressed in some very interesting clothing. Of course, that's where the Penthouse letter starts, right? Not for me... they wanted me to sit in a chair. So in the chair I sat. The chair tells me it's looking for a person whose name starts with Q. Then it hands me an object called Pony Blood. Yeah. WTF?

I opened the pony blood box and it handed me an object called "Pony Blood -- wear me!". I'm pretty game for anything so I did, but it didn't do anything. I finally decided I'd had enough and IM'd my friend for a tp back.... she sent it over and when I got back to the store, I was wearing a woman's ponytail prim hairset. Turns out blood is the color. Oh well.

so strangers are TPing me into weird empty rooms and making me sit in chairs that give me chick hair.

On the downside I heard some bad news tonight.... it's about someone I don't really know, but it's still sad. Life is short. Don't waste it.

On the RL front, my boy just gave me 4 gigs of the awesomest old-skool techno and house on a DVD. forget streams. I'm kickin it ANALOG

that's it for now.

Q out.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

First Post. I'm starting small.... a little about me, though

I picked up the name Quantus a long time ago; it's a little boastful or a little questioning depending on how you look at it. I've been in SL since 5/7/2006 so I'm a little late to the game..... I actually zeroed in on this place through Wired Magazine.

I have a lot of good friends.... I'm a bit of an explorer when the lag isn't hitting too hard and I've run into a lot of people. I'm the proud part-owner of the Spira family of clubs including the Cutlass and my personal late-nite fav Trancing the Clouds. Trivia freak, too, particularly Carl Metropolitan's Trivial Obsession, but others as well. I love DJing and building in game... so if you're looking for tips or you're looking to SHARE tips, hit me up.

My home is a rental in the sky.... my landlord is awesome and the view is great. I don't use it as often as I'd like but it's good to have a place to come home to.

Last night I stayed up way too late (again) when I didn't even intend to hit the grid. It was a lot of fun though... Cutlass hosted a pimps and hos party and I got a chance to use my kickin pimp outfit.... won it, too.

SL brings out the oddballs, too. I think the notion that you can be anyone you want proves that people want weird things. Maybe I'm just on the strange side as a guy, but what man thinks that women get online and turn in to lust-crazed fools? Had a friend who had that goin on last night. Never a good thing.

Anyway. Out.